Rose Dress

This chalk-white dress is made and dyed completely by hand. The color, so original, was developed especially for the Bridal line.

This dress is a blend of knitting techniques and it is hand-embroidered with the same yarn, creating a tone-on-tone relief that goes well with the glow from the Swarovski crystal appliqués.

The Jersey stitch bodice ends in a neckline where a hexagon begins, running through the waist to end at a point below the hips, creating a very narrow, pleasing-to-the-eye, geometric shape of crocheted flowers that enhance the figure. Figures containing Swarovski crystals, made of the same yarn, are embroidered in relief throughout the dress, radiating tone on tone points of light.

The back has the same hexagonal shape of crocheted flowers that significantly narrow the waist and emphasize the hips to create a mermaid effect.  The lovely train is comprised of crocheted flowers mixed with Jersey stitch pieces. The train, beautified by the handwork and Swarovski crystals, lends a touching final effect.

The shoulders are beautifully shaped by embroidered crocheted leaves and Swarovski crystals that enhance them and emit a lovely light.

The dress is made entirely of natural rayon (viscose), a regenerated, very versatile fiber that has the same comfortable properties as other natural fibers.  Rayon feels like silk to the touch and glows so that each movement of the dress around the body constructs an unforgettable image.

The dress is lined with a water-gray sheer that creates a beautiful translucent effect through the fretwork and enhances the optical play of the crocheted flowers.

This dress is one of a kind.  It must only be dry-cleaned and kept folded, not hung, because of its weight. It is delicate and can easily snag.  It may stretch a bit with use.

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