ANICY MANUGUIAN uses the concept of SUSTAINABLE LUXURY as the central axis of its fashion proposal for its Prêt-à-Porter line, this concept obliges us to look at fashion from a perspective where respect for the environment, the value of ancestral arts, fair trade and noble raw materials take on a differentiating value that enhances the quality and artistic expression of the product as it not only entails an idea but also introduces a concept of values that dignify and humanize our proposals.

For our Prêt-à-Porter line we work with 100% natural materials such as Baby Alpaca and Cotton Pima, linen, natural silk which is manufactured later on by FARE TRADE certified companies.

Our craftsmen with years of experience are in some cases indigenous communities and independent artisans who have been duly guided to transfer with delicacy and creativity their ancestral traditions to modern products and with vision of the future; they provide us with a wide knowledge in techniques of weaving by hand in their different expressions which we use for our garments giving them a touch of sophistication and elegance with those details that make each one of them something unique and unrepeatable.

We hand embroidery with delicacy generating small differentiating details that make a distinctive effect on each garment as well as natural material applications for our embroidery such as hand carved bone, crochet buttons, handmade accessories and all kinds of small details that reflect a refined development in the finishes and details of the product.

Our line of design is casual elegant with important differentiating touches where we maintain a brand’s own philosophy such as the development of colors, dots, jaquard, hand weaving techniques and embroidery generating a modern and current product line that seeks to incorporate the knit in a concept of Total Look which can serve in different occasions offering an elegant and sophisticated image that enhances the feminine and delicate of the modern woman thus showing a natural proposal, of world-class fibers in an innovative concept that respects the environment and in turn rescues traditions.