Coverage and Refunds for Damages or Loss During Shipment

DHL offers extended liability coverage for both national and international shipments under which customers may receive a refund of their purchase, plus freight costs, if it is proven that DHL caused the loss or damage to the package. Customers who have purchased the insurance must promptly report receiving a package in poor condition or damaged or not receiving it to

The steps to take to report an insurance claim under DHL’s extended liability coverage are:

  1. Report the claim to the next email adress or by phone or WhatsApp at +569 9318 8674.
  2. Take pictures of the damage to the package and send those pictures and a copy of the invoice or bill of purchase and any other information to the above e-mail address to make the claim to DHL and process a refund.
  3. DHL will analyze the evidence and if the damage or loss is confirmed, it will proceed with the refund.

Refunds for national purchases:

DHL will refund the amount of insured national purchases, plus freight, directly to the customer’s account.

Refunds for international purchases:

Anicy Manuguian SpA will refund the amount of insured international purchases, plus freight, after DHL has confirmed the insurance claim.

In both cases, refunds may take as many as 45 business days. DHL assumes no liability for loss or damage to products not covered by the extended liability insurance and all such costs will be borne by customers.

Insurance costs:

The insurance cost is 1% of the product price. That price will appear when insurance is chosen and will be added to the product price and shipment charges.